This document will go over the various things included in your Getlocal profile and what changes you are able to make after sign-up.

Your Profile

Your Getlocal profile is the interface with which you, as a user, are able to interact with the rest of the Getlocal portal. Most of the information that will be included on your Getlocal profile page will be added during the sign-up process, however if some non-essential information is left out or you wish to change it later then this can be edited. Please note: Information included in your Getlocal profile will be displayed in any organisations you are a part of and may be visible to others.

The main points of information in your profile page are as follows:

  • Your first name
  • Your Surname
  • An about me section that can be used to describe your position, skills or other identifying information.
  • Your Avatar

You can edit these pieces of information at any time by clicking the profile button located on the left hand sidebar menu or by clicking the edit profile button from the top of the settings page.