This documentation is for an upcoming feature


In this document we will go over the location and functionality of the organisation audit log that you can find in the Getlocal portal. An Audit log allows account administrators to search and review changes made within an organisation and its associated websites as well as other actions members have taken.

Audit Log

The audit log is a list of events that have occurred within your organisation. It will list the name of the user, the changes they have performed as well as a timestamp of when this change happened. An example of how these entries may look would be like this:

  • Getlocal Support: Added page '/contact-us' to website getlocal.is at GMT 12:00 PM*

This information can be useful for you to track changes and updates that are made to your organisations websites. Audit log information is stored within the Getlocal portal for 28 days before being automatically deleted.

Who Has Access?

In order to maintain privacy, only organisation members who are marked as Administrators will be able to access the information stored within the audit log.

Organization audit log access is limited to organization administrators.