In this document we will be going over the pricing structure for use of the Getlocal portal software. We will go over the various things that we charge for as well as how much you will pay for these options.

Monthly Fee and Start-up Fee

To get started with the Getlocal Portal there is no monthly fees or start-up fees. You are able to access the software at portal.getlocal.travel, sign up for an account, create your profile, set up an organisation and create your first website without any associated costs. You will even be able to design your website, add your experiences and play with the various options to see what your final product will look like. Though note you will be required to enter credit card details in order to put any sites live.


With no monthly fee's or start-up fees to begin using the software, the only time you will be required to pay for the service is when you sell your experiences. We have implemented a tiered commission structure that rewards companies who sell in large amounts across their organisation by reducing their commission percentage. This means companies with many websites under their organisation will have these sites working together to reduce the commission across them all.

The tiers are as follows:

  • 3% - $0 - $10,000
  • 2.3% - $10,001 - $70,000
  • 1.6% - $70,001 - $150,000
  • 0.9% - Over $150,001

For example, if you are a company who makes $40,000 in sales over a month, you will pay 3% commission on the first %10,000 you make and then 2.3% on the remaining $30,000.

See more under Pricing on the Getlocal website.