In this document we will be going over the process of creating a new organisation in the Getlocal portal. An organisation is the representation of your business and is where you will be able to manage your websites as well as manage any users within your organusation and what changes they are bale to make on your various websites.

Creating Your Organisation

After you sign-up to the Getlocal portal and sign-in for the first time or if you sign-in to your profile without being a member of an organisation you will be prompted to the page to create one. As mentioned in the overview an organisation is the representation of your business, this is the medium through which you will handle your billing as well as create new websites and also manage your staff. Each user can be a member of as many organisations as they like, either as owners of those organisations or staff members or even a mix of the two. Note that a single organisation can only have one owner at a time. As the owner of an organisation you will be responsible for billing for that organisation and any websites created underneath it.

Initially you will be required to enter some basic information about your organisation:

  • The organisation name
  • A short description of the organisation
  • A logo or other Image that represents your organisation

These pieces of information will help yourself as well as others to correctly identify the organisation.

Once the basic information is set in you will then be brought to the next screen where you will be asked to enter the billing information for this organisation. Please note: While you are able to skip entering your billing information at this stage, you will be unable to publish any websites under this organisation and may have access to certain features restricted until this process is complete.

When the billing information screen is passed you will then be brought to a page that will prompt you to begin inviting staff members to join the organisation. Staff members can be set at a variety of profile levels which will restrict what they are able to access and edit. You will also be able to specifically assign which websites they are able to work on when you have some made.

After this process you will be re-directed to the dashboard for the newly made organisation where you can review/edit the information about this organisation, view the organisations audit log, or start to build websites.