This document will guide you through the available features of the organisation dashboard, available after creating or joining an organisation. The dashboard has a variety of tools and options to simplify the running your business and its associated websites.

Dashboard Tour

The main navigation of the dashboard options takes place on the navigation bar on the left hand of the page. This is the quick rundown of the options included and what they do:

  • Organisation Info: At the top of the list is a quick overview of the organisation you are viewing. Its name, the logo and the number of websites under its umbrella.
  • Dashboard: This option will take you to the main dashboard page which will give you an overview of your organisation. This page is perfect if you just need a quick glance at the latest updates.
  • Websites: This options brings you to the website overview page. Here you will be able to view the basic information of your currently operating websites as well as create new ones.
  • Members: This option will bring you to the members page where you will be able to view all the users who are a part of your organisation. If you are an administrator for this organisation you will also be able to invite new members as well as change roles and permissions of existing members.
  • Transactions: This option will bring you through to the transactions page. Here you will be able to view and breakdown the incoming revenue from your websites.
  • Billing: This option brings you to the billing options set for this organisation. As well as update them if required.
  • Settings: This option brings you through to the settings page for the organisation where you are able to make changes such as the organisation's name, logo or description.
  • Active Websites: Below the navigational links is a small section with the names of all the current operating websites that you are able to view under the organisation. These can also be used as shortcuts to get to the website pages.