This documentation is work in progress


This document will go over the various user roles you are able to give to members of your organisation that allow you to control what access they have to make changes to your various websites. It is important to make sure that you familiarise yourself with the various role options that are available so you know how best to assign your team members and avoid potential issues down the line.


An Admin or Administrator is the top level of access that can be afforded. Users with he Admin role will have the full ability to make changes within your organisation. They will be able to add/manage other users, add/manage new websites as well as make changes to these websites. They will also have full access to the list of current organisation members. Note- Admins will not be able to make changes to users who are tagged with the Owner role


An account tagged with the Owner role has the same abilities and permissions that are afforded to an Admin. The person with the Owner role is typically the user who created the organisation however in some instances the role may be transferred between users. An organisation always requires a user tagged with the Owner role.

Content Creator

Accounts that are tagged with Content Creator are accounts for users who will be generating content for websites. They will have capabilities to make changes to blogs and pages that already exist within a website as well as add new blogs and pages. When you add Content Creator users into your organisation you are able to directly control which websites they have access to make changes on.


Users who are tagged with the Billing role are able to view the financial information for your organisation or for individual websites. They can see the sales that have come through the sites as well as the information on commission that needs to be paid on these sales. Billing role users are not able to make changes to, or create new, pages and blogs on websites.

Team Member

Users who are tagged as Team Members are users who you want to have access to individual websites but with no specific permissions to make any changes on websites. They will not be able to make/edit pages or blogs or see information on sales or commission amounts for these sites.