This documentation is work in progress


In this document we will go over the additional features and modules that you are able to add onto your websites to improve their functionality. Modules are additional features (sometimes sold separately or sometimes parts of a bundle) that will add extra power to the engine of your website or give you new tools that help you manage your business more efficiently. Adding these modules will add an amount to your monthly fee but can assist you in increasing your sales.

Why would I use modules?

The base CMS tools that you get with the standard Getlocal Portal package are fantastic for starting your online sales journey. You will get a fantastic looking website that is very fast, mobile friendly and most importantly, able to sell directly to your customers. It is perfect for small companies or experience providers with around 10 products and offers them a way to shine. But as businesses grow, so do their needs. For example as your product portfolio grows you may find that pages with grouped product lists start to become confusing and so you want to offer a search engine tool to help customers find what they want. We have a module for that! You may find over time that you do great one off sales but are not getting much repeat business so you would like a way to send receipts to your guests with cross-selling options and promotions. We have a module for that.

We have used our knowledge and experience to group and price these offerings in a way that you only need to pay for the things you need for your business to grow and at a price that won't hold that growth back.

Where to get new modules?

Where to manage existing modules?